Did You Know That One in Every Four Titles Has a Defect?

Title Insurance protects your legal ownership of real estate against losses due to a defect in the title.

The title to your new property could have many hidden problems. In fact, one out of every four title searches exposes an issue, including: tax liens, recording errors, claims by missing heirs, even forged signatures in the chain of title.

Title Insurance protects you from future loss if a covered claim against your property is made. As with any other insurance, you hope you never need it, but you’ll be glad it is there if you do.

Comprehensive Real Estate Title Services

When buying a home, it's crucial to protect your investment through diligent measures.

Title insurance works differently than typical policies, requiring a one-time payment to cover past issues like lost liens and fraudulent documents. Laurel Settlement Group conducts a thorough title search to confirm your title's freedom from potential threats. Our title insurance provides continuous protection throughout your ownership, ensuring resilience against unforeseen issues.

No renewal fees, no expiration date – just straightforward, lasting peace of mind for your homeownership journey.

Why You Need Title Insurance

Title insurance protects you and your most valuable possession – Your home.

Why every homebuyer needs owner’s Title Insurance:

  • Protection from title defects
  • Prevents costly legal issues
  • Safeguards against fraud and forgery
  • Peace-of-mind beyond the sale
  • One-time premium that covers you as long as you own your home