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White Glove Support from Contract to Closing

At Laurel Settlement Group, we shepherd you through your real estate transaction, assuring that every detail is carefully reviewed to minimize closing delays and prepare your closing quickly and conveniently.

A Closing is the final step in executing a real estate transaction, when ownership is officially transferred between parties, a refinancing is complete, or new construction is given the green light. This generally happens during a meeting where the buyer provides payment and a deed is delivered by the seller. Other documents include loan paperwork, mortgage notes, a closing disclosure, and more.

The process can be complex, but that is where Laurel Settlement comes in. We take each step with you, giving you the confidence to know that, from contract to closing, the work is done right the first time and your experience is going to be one of the best possible.

Errors in public records, unknown liens, delinquent taxes, survey disputes, missing heirs, undiscovered encumbrances, and more can pose problems, but that’s why you’ve chosen Laurel Settlement Group, to protect your interests and close the deal.

Closing Services


Once you decide on the property you are purchasing and have executed your Sales Contract with your Real Estate Agent, we can start the process toward owning your home. Laurel Settlement works closely with your bank on their requirements and makes sure the title to the property is in good, marketable condition. We prepare all documentation and record all the paperwork necessary to close the deal. During all this, we communicate clearly with you, walking you step-by step through the process to ensure your transaction closes on time.


There may come a time when you decide to refinance your current mortgage. The team at Laurel Settlement works directly with your loan officer, carefully going through the process that will pay off your existing debt and record all the necessary paperwork for your new loan.


If you own a lot or are purchasing a piece of land and considering building on it, we can help with this process too! We work with both the bank and your contractor to provide a payout schedule for construction, ensuring that you are not directly liable for payment made to subcontractors hired by your general contractor.

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